TNSIA Membership

Dear TN Employer,
We need a voice in the State of Tennessee! A group of self-insured employers have resurrected the Tennessee Self-Insurers’ Association (TNSIA). The group originally formed in 2003 surrounding the pending legislation that ultimately passed in 2004. Following that success, the group disbursed but there is still much more to accomplish.

Our group is dedicated to educating employers on workers’ compensation issues. We work hard to keep our members informed of current workers’ compensation events, including information regarding legislative and judicial actions that affect self-insured employers.

Are You a Board Member or Board Advisor?  Contact Us about gaining a Board or Board Advisor Membership.

  • Members

    • Self Insured Employers: $500
    • High Deductible Employers: $500
    • Board Minutes
    • Newsletter Signup
    • Can go to the Annual Conference for free.
    • Conference Presentations
  • Associate Members

    • Attorneys: $750
    • Group Funds: $750
    • Other: $750
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    • Discount for Annual Conference.
    • Conference Presentation.