TNSIA Membership

Our group is dedicated to educating employers on workers’ compensation issues. We work hard to keep our members informed of current workers’ compensation events, including information regarding legislative and judicial actions that affect self-insured and high deductible employers. By joining TNSIA you:

  • Have a voice in workers’ compensation legislation in our state.
  • Stay updated on anything that impacts self-insured and high deductible employers in our state.
  • Understand workers’ compensation law and proposed changes.
  • Have access to the TNSIA Lobbyist, Jill Talbert.
  • Complimentary attendance to our Virtual Lunch and Learn Series
  • Connect with and learn from your industry peers.
  • Receive two complimentary tickets to the annual conference.
  • Shape the workers’ compensation culture in our state.
  • Form relationships with the state bureau of workers’ compensation.
  • Discover resources and vendors to make your job easier.
  • Have a seat at the table.

TNSIA has two membership categories. Membership dues are annual and members can join any time of year.

Self-Insured or High Deductible Members
This is any employer/organization which is classified as self-insured or high deductible.  The rate for this annual membership is $500.

Associate Members
This is any organization that supports or works with self-insured and high deductible employers, but is not one themselves. This could be attorneys, group funds, or any companies that would be a resource or vendor to self-insured/high deductible members. The rate for this annual membership is $750.

Are you interested in having a larger impact?  Contact Us about being involved with our Board of Directors.

Important Notice

A portion of TNSIA’s annual budget is paid to the new TNSIA PAC. Political contributions are not taxdeductible. TNSIA dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes, but may be partially deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. TNSIA estimates that ten percent (10%) of your dues is not deductible because of TNSIA’s lobbying activities on behalf of its members.