Wendy Kolbusz

General Motors

Wendy Kolbusz is General Motors Workers’ Compensation Analyst.   She’s worked directly for GM for over three years in the roles as Unemployment Hearing Representative, Benefit Consultant and subsequently their Workers’ Compensation Analyst.  Prior to being hired directly by GM, she worked for their vendors, EDS/Hewlett Packard for 22 years in the role as GMs’ Pension SME as well as their Unemployment Hearing Representative.

Wendy states she joined the TNSIA, as well as other self-insured associations, in an effort to become familiar with both legislative as well as regulatory changes which may impact GMs’ business.   She also wanted to immerse herself in any educational opportunities that might arise out of this membership.  She looks forward to relationships being built with the members of TNSIA and working together for the good of the employers of Tennessee.